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Elks Building
Property History

The Valley City Elks Building was built in 1951 for Valley City Lodge #1110.

The City Park Footbridge was originally made of wood and was replaced with the current steel structure in 1911.  It is sometimes called the Elks Bridge for its proximity to the Elks Building.

The Landmark I Apartment building expanded on the historic Valley City Grocery Company building.  The building was originally built in 1916 to provide grocery delivery services to the surrounding area.

Landmark I

The Rainbow Apartments are built on the foundation of the original Rainbow Motel.  The naming of this complex is a tribute to the heritage of the Rainbow Motel.

Rainbow Apartments

Several of the apartment buildings featured on this web site have unique histories.  Check out some details below and if you have more details or memories of your own please reach out and share them with us. 

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